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James Reed

28-08-22 19:09:28

I'm very satisfied

William Rodas

30-08-22 11:29:07

I'm very satisfied

Christina Berthelot

30-08-22 18:50:47

I really like it

Ann Ellinger

02-09-22 22:19:07

Very satisfactory

Tami Rivas

17-09-22 12:31:40

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Kirk Murrah

19-09-22 10:33:06

Patient and friendly

Jared Bellomy

19-09-22 14:36:08

I'm very satisfied

Michele Justis

21-09-22 12:46:51

Patient and friendly

Mary Neu

18-10-22 03:51:24

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Margaret Carder

02-11-22 23:52:14

"Very satisfied"

Karla Watkins

08-11-22 03:10:18

"Cost effective"

Catherine Rice

08-11-22 15:28:44

"I really like it"

Francina Bashir

09-11-22 19:53:37

"Give people a sense of intimacy"

Nina Munn

14-11-22 09:52:45

"I'm very satisfied"

Shani Cortez

15-11-22 07:45:04

"Patient and friendly"

Martha Lewin

22-11-22 16:19:40

"Very satisfactory"

Elizabeth Colella

23-11-22 17:47:26

"It's very good"


28-11-22 07:10:03

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Kristyn Deluca

28-11-22 08:56:24

"Cost effective"

Marilyn Wiggins

29-11-22 19:06:55

"It's very good"

Steven Dees

29-11-22 23:32:44

"I really like it"

Sarah Richardson

03-12-22 06:00:42

"I really like it very much"

George Dube

04-12-22 16:33:22

"I'm very satisfied"

Robert Wright

11-12-22 12:32:35

"Very satisfactory"

Joy McBride

12-12-22 03:32:03

"Give people a sense of intimacy"

Donald Marks

17-12-22 06:03:43

"Cost effective"

Karen Estrada

20-12-22 07:27:13

"Patient and friendly"

Katrina Minor

20-12-22 10:28:26

"I support it very much"

Victor Broome

23-12-22 01:03:32

"I really like it"

James Hernandez

04-01-23 10:12:57

"It's very good"

Cindy Paquet

04-01-23 14:49:27

"I support it very much"

John Webster

10-01-23 19:58:55

"Very satisfied"

Nora Lowe

16-01-23 03:39:08

"I really like it"

Toni Tellier

17-01-23 07:10:50

"I really like it"

Marquetta Mitchell

17-01-23 10:36:40

"High end atmosphere"

Margaret Morse

17-01-23 13:39:02

"Cost effective"


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