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Lucy Jones

03-09-22 01:04:50

Very satisfactory

Robert Harris

03-09-22 10:22:54

I support it very much

David Curl

08-09-22 18:26:10

It's very good

Elizabeth Beasley

15-09-22 19:31:16

Patient and friendly

Sandra Stucker

18-09-22 13:40:13

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Scott Gibson

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Bradley Parsley

01-11-22 07:53:22

"It's very good"

Donna Bacchus

02-11-22 18:57:22

"Very satisfactory"

Mark Staten

04-11-22 21:12:40

"Very satisfied"

Eric Baldree

05-11-22 21:49:11

"Cost effective"

James Pearson

07-11-22 08:22:58

"Give people a sense of intimacy"

Gary Iler

09-11-22 03:45:09

"I really like it very much"

Jose Parker

09-11-22 12:59:54

"Very satisfactory"

Jenna Reading

15-11-22 14:04:43

"I'm very satisfied"

Jordan Clawson

15-11-22 15:28:30

"I really like it very much"

James Mendoza

15-11-22 21:50:49

"Very satisfied"

Michael Mason

17-11-22 02:55:23

"Very satisfactory"

Elise Wynn

18-11-22 14:40:32

"Very satisfied"

Ronnie Harrington

19-11-22 16:39:21

"Very satisfied"

Johnnie Atchison

25-11-22 00:30:57

"I support it very much"

Laura Wolf

25-11-22 09:06:47

"I support it very much"


28-11-22 00:17:09

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Frederick Roesch

30-11-22 04:18:23

"It's very good"

Viola Contreras

08-12-22 14:54:58

"It's very good"

Richard Kroeger

08-12-22 16:48:52

"I really like it"

Roslyn Thompson

10-12-22 01:23:04

"It's very good"

Nancy McKeever

10-12-22 02:55:20

"I really like it very much"

Tennie Jiles

13-12-22 00:23:43

"Cost effective"

Juanita Allen

14-12-22 05:56:18

"I support it very much"

Lori Nail

22-12-22 17:41:22

"Very satisfied"

Hugh Brown

04-01-23 04:42:54

"I really like it very much"

James Lindsay

04-01-23 22:57:14

"Cost effective"

Harold Newman

05-01-23 15:53:51

"High end atmosphere"

Joyce Smith

06-01-23 21:20:08

"I support it very much"

Mary Cho

07-01-23 00:02:54

"I support it very much"

Susie Place

12-01-23 12:09:33

"Very satisfied"

Robert Perez

12-01-23 16:04:58

"Very satisfied"

John Damon

13-01-23 07:06:30

"It's very good"

Ted Quintal

13-01-23 11:12:34

"It's very good"

Dennis Broughton

14-01-23 02:12:31

"Very satisfactory"

Winnie Piccirillo

17-01-23 14:06:54

"Very satisfied"

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Edward Belin

02-02-23 17:50:20

"Give people a sense of intimacy"

Mary Barnes

02-02-23 20:44:13

"I really like it"

Christina Novak

03-02-23 11:10:37

"It's very good"


05-02-23 10:55:26

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John Wilson

06-02-23 20:40:56

"I really like it very much"


08-02-23 04:50:20

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Shawnna Ackley

09-02-23 11:43:27

"Very satisfactory"

Philip Gagnon

13-02-23 00:19:53

"I really like it very much"

Timothy Smart

13-02-23 21:30:13

"It completely exceeded my expectations"

Johnnie Fields

14-02-23 03:40:58

"It's very good"


15-02-23 06:32:28

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Jared Rodman

21-02-23 22:34:26

"I'm very satisfied"

Anissa Tate

23-02-23 16:29:03

"I really like it"


26-02-23 17:26:01

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Thelma Smithey

28-02-23 06:52:02

"It's very good"

Nelson Boyd

28-02-23 11:47:31

"Very satisfactory"

Jennifer Nelson

01-03-23 06:54:44

"I really like it very much"

John Fields

01-03-23 08:50:41

"I support it very much"

Minnie Shoemaker

01-03-23 15:53:11

"Patient and friendly"

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